Loughgall Festival Of Motorsport 2018 Gallery

Loughgall Festival Of Motorsport 2018

Loughgall Festival of Motorsport certainly didn’t disappoint this year.  Great weather was combined with great cars and great company.  That sounds like a good recipe for a car show to us.  A fine display turned out and the massive variety of cars included everything from Ford Mustangs to Aston Martins and everything in between.

It was fantastic to see such a range of makes and models.  Standard Minis were stood along side heavily modified rally cars and cars with air ride, wide wheels, and retrimmed interiors and nothing looked out of place.  It felt like there was a genuine enthusiasm for cars of all types.  The display of Audi Quattros was outstanding and it’s great to see that so many of these cars are still in their original motorsport form or the road going versions have been spruced up to such an outstanding standard.  This show goes from strength to strength.  It’s a testament to all the great effort put into the organisation by the Lions Club and JPCCNI who combined to run the show this year and we’re looking forward to next year already.